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Pancho Morris' 2-4 year drama program focuses on presentational and representational forms of acting as well as other integral aspects of theatrical production—writing, direction, design, and stagecraft. In Year One, students will become comfortable performing monologues and scenes on stage, speaking in public, acting in student productions, and using their imaginations to create their own works. In Years Two and Three, students will produce three staged productions during the school year: a play, a musical, and an original work that is written, directed, produced,  designed, by the students. In Years Three and Four, students will begin to act for camera, producing, directing, designing, and co-starring in their own short form content.

See photos below for sample course descriptions!

TRAINING AND BACKGROUND: Methods for Acting with April Shawhan (Streetcar Named Desire, Much Ado About Nothing), Acting for Camera with Delia Salvi (Fatso, Quantum Leap), Alexander Technique with Jean-Louise Rodrigue (I, Tonya, Vice, Mary Queen of Scots), Directing for the Theater with Brian Kite (Man of the Century, ABC's One Saturday Morning), Production and Design with Rich Rose (Rabbit Hole, A Man for All Seasons), Acting for Stage with Scott Conte (Criminal Minds, NYPD Blue, Seinfeld), Voice and Speech with Paul Wagar (Shakespeare's Merchant)

Pancho Morris has been a television and commercial actor working in the film industry for 15 years. His credits include: the award nominated series Dorm Life (2008-10), Hulu's Teenage Mountain Lion (2014), "A Cabin for Two" (2021), "R&Rx" (2018), "Hermanos" (2015), "I Swear" (2014), "Orange Drive" (2013), "Brainiac" (2012), plus numerous pilot projects & 150+ commercials, industrials, and voiceovers.





Pancho believes that for students to obtain a legitimate theater education that will enable them to become competitive in the arts after high school, it is essential that they acquire specific industry knowledge of standards, etiquettes, forms, tactics, and techniques that all creators use to succeed in their chosen professions. Furthermore, students must examine, apply, create, assess, analyze, and synthesize these forms into a comprehensible strategy that works for them and their goals. Above all, Pancho believes in having fun and using your imagination for good.

Below, find sample curriculum for Pancho Morris' Drama program.


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HIGH SCHOOL: Years 2-4

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