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Pancho Morris is an educator, actor, and musician from the Bay Area and a graduate of UCLA's Theater, Film, and Television program, where he studied acting and history. Pancho believes that applying history and drama, as daily practices, improves the lives of young people while they are in the active process of constructing their identities and communities. He is scheduled to graduate in May, with a teaching credential in Drama and History from CSU East Bay.

"A great education does more than get you a good job after high school or college. It prepares you emotionally, psychologically for the real world—which is often times much more strange, random, and unpredictable than we can imagine. Storytelling gives us emotional resilience. Storytelling gives us confidence. When we know our story well—whether it's history and knowledge that gives us the context to evaluate and analyze, or acting technique and performance that gives us a disposition of measured grace in the face of adversity, it's easier to take on the world when you have practiced skills that develop your emotional and social intelligence. More than that, history and drama enrich the experience of being human, of being alive and feeling at ease in our own bodies. Why we are all here? To live well, to better our communities, and to derive meaning from our lives. History and Drama give us the tools to achieve the most wonderful things." 

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