Pancho Morris is an educator, actor, musician, and all around entertainer based in the Bay Area. A historical whiz kid, he can name every US President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, and Chief Justice in chronological order and has a witty anecdote for just about every year in US History. He's a graduate of UCLA's prestigious Theater, Film, and Television program where he studied Stanislavsky and Strasberg's Methods, Delia Salvi's Method Acting for Film, Meisner Technique, Uta Hagen's Method, Alexander Technique, as well as viewpoints, stagecraft, and movement & combat. He is currently pursuing a teaching credential in Drama and History at CSU East Bay. Pancho spends his "off" time acting in films and playing music with the Berkeley-based music collaborative Splendor All Around. He believes deeply in equity and inclusion, and uses his teaching to give his students access to new opportunities and to help them grow into well-rounded, thoughtful adults.

"A great education does more than get you a good job after high school or college. It's about more than preparing you for the real world. A great education enriches the experience of being human, of being alive. Which is why we are all here. To live well, better our communities, and to derive meaning from our lives."